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Basic Course on Indian Stock Market

Basic course is for beginners / freshers who do not know the ABC of stock market
Different asset classes like Equities (SPOT or CASH market), Futures markets &
Options markets will be discussed in detail. The course contents include:

  • Introduction to the Indian stock markets
  • Types of financial markets
  • Primary markets
  • Secondary markets
  • Clearing & settlement systems
  • Different types of trading techniques
  • Different types of investment techniques
  • Corporate actions
  • Effect of interest rates on stock markets
  • Market cycles
  • Market circuit limits
  • Financial statement analysis
  • 13. Basis of trading & investment
  • Introduction to Futures & Options
  • Types of Options (Call & Put options - ITM, ATM & OTM)
  • Index Futures & Options
  • Stock Futures & Options
  • Options Terminology (Spot, Strike, Premium, Intrinsic Value, Extrinsic Value, Contract, Expiration)
  • Definition of Long, Short, Hedge & Arbitrage
  • Options Premium and factors affecting Price of option
  • Put Call ratio Analysis
  • Open Interest Analysis
  • Implied Volatility
  • Futures & Options Trading Strategies
  • Option Greeks - Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega & Rho
Level 1 Fees 15,000
The duration of the course is 13 hours


Technical Analysis of stock market using DOW THEORY

The course contents include
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Basics of technical analysis
  • Why learn Technical Analysis?
  • Types of Charts (Line, Bar & Candlestick Charts)
  • Dow Theory & its Assumptions
  • Trends, Trend lines & Channels
  • Support, Resistance & Horizontal Lines
  • Candlestick Chart Patterns
  • Chart Patterns
  • Types of Reversal Patterns including H&S (Head and Shoulder), IH&S (Inverse Head & Shoulder), Double Bottom, Double Top, Rounding Bottom, Flags and Triangles
  • Importance of secondary tools
  • How to get SUCCESS from Stock Markets through disciplined approach
  • Practical understanding of DOW theory concepts through charts
Level 2 Fees 11,000
The duration of the course is 8 hours


Technical Analysis of stock market using ELLIOTT AND NEO WAVE THEORY

The course contents include
  • Introduction to Elliott Wave Theory
  • Fractal Nature
  • Fibonacci Retracements, Extensions and Projections
  • Basic Pattern of Elliott Wave
  • Rules of Elliott Wave Theory
  • Elliott Wave Patterns (Impulse & Corrective Patterns)
  • Different types of Impulse and Corrective Patterns
  • Truncations
  • Theory of Alternation
  • Gap Theory
  • Risk & Money Management
  • Disciplined Trading and Investment
  • Supporting Parameters for Successful Trading
Mastering Elliott wave - Neo wave theory
  • Definition of a Neo Wave
  • Difference between Neo Wave & Elliott Wave
  • Neo Wave Concepts
  • Neo Wave Formations
  • Neo Wave Trading
  • Time concepts on Corrections
  • Time Frames for Analysis
  • Identification of Impulse or Correction in Neo Wave
  • Fibonacci Retracements in Neo Wave
  • Rule of Extension according to Neo Wave
  • Importance of Secondary Data
  • Terminal Impulse
  • Pre requisites for analyzing any stock or index in the world using Dow, Elliott & Neo Wave theory given by Mr. Srinath K A
  • Practical understanding of both Elliott & Neo wave theory concepts through charts
Level 3 Fees 34,000
The duration of the course is 21 hours
NameSpot Academy
A/c No34132994523
BankState Bank of India
BranchBanashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore.
IFSC CodeSBIN0006767

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