About Us

Spot Academy was established in 2014. A Bengaluru based company which aims to educate individuals on Indian Stock market.

"SPOT" is a word used to represent the value of an equity stock. The colour of the logo, blue represents Professionalism, Protection, Confidence, Strength and Loyalty. Blue is also the color of the sky, ocean and twilight. Vishuddha, the chakra symbolizing purity, creativity and self-expression has sixteen blue coloured petals.

  • Vision

We, at Spot Academy believe that market moves in the form of predictable patterns with precision and repeats itself from time to time which can be seen on charts that show prices of any tradable instrument.

For a new trader or investor, learning the Elliott Wave Principle is an important step on their path to success.

Elliott Wave Principle works well on financial markets, where changing investor psychology is recorded in the form of price movements. By identifying repeating patterns in prices, and figuring out where we are in those repeating patterns today, we can predict where we are moving.

Our research believes in identifying these patterns and giving recommendations with low risk trade setups.

We are here to mainly serve the Retail Segment of the market.

Come, Join hands with us for financial success!

  • Mission

Educating and spreading awareness among general public on scientific and systematic approach towards stock market.

Training investors and traders for wealth creation through a disciplined approach.